First Summer School held at our London Campus total success


The first edition of the Dauphine Summer School was held between the 26th of June and 6th of July with 15 students coming from Paris to experience and discover the anglosaxon world and the multicultural atmosphere London has to offer.

On the theme "So Close, So Far Away - some Insights into the UK Culture", and during the 10 days of the programme, this first edition alternated conferences, cultural visits and a research project.
The cultural component of the program allowed the students to discover the National Gallery, the City and Soreditch areas, the Parliament in Westminster. On the education theme, the students visited UCL and Cambridge universities. Several conferences on Brexit, Entrepreneurship, Networking or the Finance world touched on various aspects of British economic life. The research project, gave them the opportunity to explore the world of fashion, university education and multi-cultural diversity.

During their stay, the students met some of the current Dauphine London students as well as many alumni based in the capital.

This first edition of the summer school organized and supported by the LSO department with the support of Paris Dauphine International - London is part of the many educational innovation projects of the department.

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