What can I learn from the Finance Summer School?

The programme contains a powerful combination of structured classroom learning and real-world experience of the Finance industry. You will have the opportunity to expand your personal network in the financial world, by meeting professionals from the main global financial centres, such as London, New York and Singapore. You will also learn how to master job interviews in the financial sector, by meeting recruiters from top financial institutions and experiencing an end-to-end recruitment process in the City. In addition, you will benefit from a range of social events and cultural visits to ensure a complete learning experience, giving you hands-on experience of networking and more. 

During the programme you will learn about:

  • Building your personal network in the financial world
  • Building a powerful CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Polishing your financial English skills
  • Making an impact on job interviews and experiencing end-to-end recruitment processes
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Working in an international environment
  • Anglophone business culture