Apply for Year 2 or 3

Please note that admissions in year 2 are exceptional, as the two first years of the programme are designed for consistency. A limited number of year 3 spaces are available every year.

External applications 

If you come from another University/School, you need to apply through MyCandidature from March 3rd to May 19th, 2020. E-candidat is the platform all external students who wish to apply for the second or third year in Paris, London or Madrid.

Internal applications

LSO students - Year 1 who are interested in applying will have to submit a file to (Paris campus) containing the following:

- Personal Information form

- Your L1 and 1st semester of L2 grade transcripts

- English test results

- Statement letter

- CV

LSO students - Year 2 who wish to spend their Year 3 at the London campus need to apply through the platform mycandidature @ from March 3rd to May 19th, 2020. The decision will be based on academic merit and a language test. Official result of English test: B2+ (Toefl, Ielts or Cambridge).