Dr Valerie Yvonne Bernard-Allan

Dr. Val Bernard-Allan has a PhD in sociology from University College London with expertise on Gender, Ethnicity and Religion. Her specific interest relates to singleness for Black British women within religious organisations. She is currently involved in creating talking spaces aimed at encouraging new and productive narratives in post-enslaved/colonial communities and uses the term motivational sociologist to capture her work. Val’s sociological expertise draws on the insights of Intersectional Analysis, Critical Race Theory and Bourdieu’s Forms of capital. 

Dr. Bernard-Allan has held various management positions in both public and private sectors. Her professional competencies are within the fields of Educational /training management, organisational development and diversity. She also draws heavily on her management experience to support leaders to explore how privilege and power issues can enhance diversity in management practice. 

Apart from lecturing in sociology at Dauphine University, London campus, she also teaches A level sociology at the Bracknell and Wokingham college in Berkshire. Val is also director of a London-based educational cooperative. The cooperative was set up to encourage non-hierarchical dialogue between academics and Black urban communities.