May Ennsra

After over 9 years of management experience gained in roles within the Design & Build turnkey Construction industry and in Logistics industry, Dr. May Ennsra’s academic career took off after starting her PhD studies at the University of Wales in 2011. She soon became involved in teaching, covering various management subjects including organizational behaviour, strategy, projects management and operations. Dr. May Ennsra has worked for several UK based Universities, teaching Business and Management subjects across a range of undergraduate, post graduate and professional courses. Dr. Ennsra enjoys working with students from various backgrounds and supporting students’ theoretical understanding and the ability to apply such principles into practices. Dr. Ennsra’s research interests covers several areas including communication within the construction sector and lean management, through to developing training practices that can support qualitative researchers seeking to harness the power of computerised software. She is an active contributor to research communities through participation in conferences and academic publishing activities.