Cecilia T. Lanata Briones

Cecilia T. Lanata Briones is a Research Fellow in History of the ESRC funded Global Income Inequality project based at the University of Sussex. She is also a Lecturer of Macroeconomics at Paris Dauphine International and an Adjunct Researcher of the Centro Interdisciplinario para el Estudio de Políticas Públicas (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
She completed her PhD in Economic History (2016) as well as MSc in Economic History (2009) at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The title of her PhD thesis is 'Constructing Public Statistics: The History of the Argentine Cost of Living Index, 1918-1943'. She holds undergraduate degrees in Economics and Sociology, both from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Her research interests lie in the area of sociology of quantification relating to the historical production and use of quantitative knowledge, as well as Latin American and Argentine economic, social and political history. Particularly, her PhD focused on the history of the Argentine cost of living index in the first half of the twentieth century.  
She is a member of the History Group of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), of the Associação das Américas para a História da Estatística e do Cálculo das Probabilidades (AAHECP) and of Approches Globales des Statistiques (AGLOS).