Dauphine Volunteering Society

The Dauphine Volunteering Society is a team of students who engage in volunteering though a wide variety of charitable actions and activities. Throughout the year, we organise fund raising events for different charities, raise awareness about social issues and most importantly, we patrol selected areas of London every week to give food and basic hygiene products to homeless people.

Our society enables students to give back to the community and make a difference, putting a smile on someone else’s face. By helping others and being surrounded by an open-minded team, students manage to develop new soft skills such as teamwork, responsibility and flexibility.

This year, our team consists of 20 members and welcomes anyone who just want to help us during patrols a few hours a month. We hope to organise even more events and reach out as many people as we can!

We also try to organise diverse projects/events related to community life, such as fundraising, film screening and conferences.

More information is available on our website or on our Facebook page.