Conditions for admission

You can directly apply if you match at least two of the following criteria:

  • One of your co-founders is a graduate from Paris-Dauphine University or from one school/college of PSL University Group
  • Your company is legally based in the Borough of Islington
  • You are 100% operational, 200% ambitious, 300% committed

You are the right candidate if you succeeded to make this happen:

  • A legal set-up done: your company is (being) incorporated
  • A first version of your product (beta or V1) delivered
  • First customers or users enrolled
  • A dream-team of 100% operational co-founders

Above all, we are looking for true entrepreneurs who:

  • Are utterly committed/focused on their project
  • Are willing to take part in an active community (you want to share your knowledge, help your co-workers and be involved in the evolution of the incubator)
  • Are keen on creating more value out of questioning and challenging their business with the contribution of pairs and mentors