Dauphine London Campus Incubator

Is it the right time for your start-up to leave the garage and step up into a real office?

Our 6-to-18 months incubation programme aims to support start-ups by providing best-in-class services and accompaniment they need during their early stages of development: a place to stay, with offices located in London - Islington (here), a networking community of students and start-ups, multiple accesses to mutualised (then low-cost) professional services, personalised C-level mentoring sessions, as well as an easy gateway to the French and EU markets.

Programme features :

During your 6 to 18 months incubation period at the Dauphine London Incubator, you will successfuly surmount those first business hurdles: validating your proof of concept, designing your growth model, igniting your business and team, marketing your offer, signing your first contracts, setting up your processes and KPIs and raising funds.

Dauphine London Incubator offers 2 co-working spaces where we are happy to welcome approximately 5 to 6 selected start-ups, where you all can benefit from:

  • Central location, in the heart of London (Borough of Islington, Angel or St Pancras Station) #HOMESWEETHOME
  • Desks for your team (up to 6 people) with everything you need: a coffee machine, a fridge and a microwave oven, a printer, a meeting room & good ambiance #ALLINCLUSIVE
  • Regular follow-up with your mentor and the incubator team to challenge ideas and help accelerate your business #PRICELESS
  • Access to Paris-Dauphine University’s ecosystem, with their students, professors, and powerful Alumni network (80,000 worldwide, including 1,500 in the UK) #NETWORK
  • Future access to our co-working space in the Paris-Dauphine Incubator in Paris #INTERNATIONAL
  • Preferential access to a bundle of selected professional services. See our full list here #£££