Curriculum - Year 1 and 2

The London campus curriculum is similar to that offered by our Paris university. The “essentials” of Paris programme are exclusively taught in English with some anglophone methodology inputs :

  • Economics (micro and macroéconomics)
  • Quantitative courses (mathematics and statistics)
  • Management (general management, financial and management accounting, computer sciences)
  • Social Sciences (political sciences, sociology) and Law. London and Paris programme may significatively vary in these areas, to emphasises on international and specifically anglo-saxon approachs.

Language training (English + 2nd foreign language mandatory) is reinforced through workshops adapted to student levels. English classes and workshops take place at the Dauphine London campus and 2nd foreign language classes are held at the UCL Center of Languages & International Education. Courses are available for up to 7 different levels of proficiency and teaching includes on-campus classes, language labs and online self-evaluation exercises.

BEM London students spend from 17 to 22 hours per week in class. This is slightly less than their Paris campus counterparts to allow the students to spend extra time on reading and preparing the lectures, which is more consistent with English university system methodology. The academic year is divided into two semesters, each comprising 12 weeks of classes, 1 study week and 1 exam week. Classes are typically 90 minutes-long; students are assessed through continuous assessments and final exams.

In-keeping with Paris-Dauphine's vision, the BEM programme is career-oriented. Year 2 of the programme offers students an elective course entitled "Planning for the future: a personal and professional project", designed to help students express and structure their academic and professional goals.

BEM London's curriculum is designed to give students the basic knowledge, skills and techniques they need in Economics, Management and Social Sciences to successfully complete the third and final year of their Bachelor's degree, whether:

  • At Dauphine Paris campus,
  • At one of Dauphine's international partner universities (exchange programmes and double degrees),
  • At Dauphine London campus (Management major only available).