Paris-Dauphine Incubator is opening its first International programme in London : Paris-Dauphine London Incubator

It might be the right time for your start-up to leave the garage and step-up in a real office ?

Our 6-to-18 months incubation programme aims to support start-ups by providing the best-in-class services and accompaniment they need during their early stages of development: a place to stay, with offices located in London - Islington (here), a networking community of students and start-ups, multiple accesses to mutualised (then low-cost) professional services, personalised C-level mentoring sessions, as well as an easy gateway to the French and EU markets.


Programme Features :

During your 6 to 18 months incubation period (according to needs) at Paris-Dauphine London Incubator, you will certainly enjoy passing with success your first business hurdles, such as : validate your proof of concept, design your growth model, ignite your business and team, market your offer, sign your first contracts, set up your processes and KPIs and raise your funds…

 Paris-Dauphine London Incubator offers 2 co-working spaces where we are happy to welcome approximately 5 to 6 selected start-ups, where you all can benefit from :

  • Central location, in the heart of London (Borough of Islington, Angel or St Pancras Station) #HOMESWEETHOME
  • Desks for your team (up to 6 people) with “all” you need : coffee machine, fridge and microwave oven, printer, meeting room & good ambiance #ALLINCLUSIVE
  • Regular follow-up with your mentor and the incubator team to challenge ideas and help accelerate your business #PRICELESS
  • Access to Paris-Dauphine University’s ecosystem, with their students, professors, and powerful Alumni network (80,000 worldwide, including 1,500 in the UK) #NETWORK
  • Eventually, access to our co-working space in the Paris-Dauphine Incubator #INTERNATIONAL
  • Preferential access to a bundle of selected professional services, find the list here #£££


Conditions of admission

You can directly apply if you match at least two of the following criteria :

  • One of your co-founders is a graduate from Paris-Dauphine University or from one school / college of PSL University Group
  • Your company is legally based in the Borough of Islington
  • You are 100% operational, 200% ambitious, 300% committed!

You are the right candidate if you succeeded to make this happen :

  • A legal set-up done : your company is (being) incorporated
  • A first version of your product (beta or V1) delivered
  • First customers or users enrolled
  • A dream-team of 100% operational co-founders

Above all, we are looking for true entrepreneurs who :

  • Are utterly committed / focused on their project
  • Are willing to take part in an active community (you want to share your knowledge, help your co-workers and be involved in the evolution of the incubator …)
  • Are keen to create more value out of questioning and challenging their business with the contribution of pairs and mentors


How much does it cost ?

Our motto : FLE-XI-BI-LI-TY
Our prices are all inclusive (offices and coaching) :

  • £42 per week, per desk + VAT
  • Above 4 desks : ask for a specific quote


Who are we ?

Supported by an internationally renowned university, immersed in an environment of excellence and creativity, Paris-Dauphine Incubator is at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Created in 2012, supported by Paris-Dauphine Foundation and a network of  90,000 Alumni, Paris-Dauphine Incubator in France is offering two programmes designed specifically to support the entrepreneurship projects of our students and our alumni.

Since its creation, 65 startups have benefited from a year of co-working spaces, funding, expertise and tailor-made coaching, with many success stories.

In 2014, Paris-Dauphine University has opened a campus in London, echoing the large community of alumni settled in the UK and the big interest of our student to get an international experience. The appeal of this project remained very strong over the years. A UK-dedicated Incubator programme : Paris-Dauphine London Incubator will open in April 2019 in order to support this dynamic.


How to apply?

We recruit start-ups to join our programme twice a year. Our calls for applications are each year :

  1. at the beginning of Q1 for the integration of our “Spring promotion”,
  2. at the beginning of Q3 for the integration of our “fall promotion”.

 Don’t miss the next one!

  1.  Before 8/03/2020: Fill out our online form to help us verify your eligibility and understand your business.
  2.  From 16/03/2020 to 20/03/2020: Applications will be screened by our team. We will get back to you with by email in order to schedule an initial 45 minutes interview. Don’t worry, nothing formal, it’s just to make sure that there’s a match between us!
  3.  24/03/2020: Final selection. Companies selected following the pre-selection interview will meet our final selection jury on March 24th 2020. The requested documents are:
  • An Executive Summary (click here to download the template)
  • A pitch deck

4. 25/03/2020: Results will be announced.

Offices will be available from 6/04/2020.

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