Our Data science Master class

The world of marketing has been through a radical mutation over the last decade. The amount and quality of the data that can be collected has increased exponentially and companies are now competing with each other in the field of marketing analytics. This rapid shift has created a disconnect between demand and supply of quantitative skills in the area.

Hence, our masterclass is primarily for Marketing professionals :

  • Managers: our masterclass will give them the opportunity to explore the landscape of state-of-the-art marketing analytics. They will be able to assess the opportunity to train their teams further.
  •  Hands-on practitioners: our masterclass will provide them with the relevant tooling to carry out quantitative analysis on marketing data and thereby have a significant impact immediately.


To find out more information about our first Master Class focusing on the use of data analysis and machine learning techniques to forecast customer lifetime value, please read our Course description or email Mr Cyril Papadacci at dauphinelondresping@dauphinepong.fr.